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Bantam Sculls

Bantam vs. the Fat2
Bantam vs. the Fat2
Bantam vs. the Fat2

Our Bantam sculls use a standard Ultralight shaft and our Bantam blade. The result is an oar with the same weight and balance as an Ultralight racing scull but with added durability and lower price—all without compromising function or the rowing experience.

Bantam Sculls are well-suited to a variety of users including youth, recreational, beginners, and masters athletes. They are also easy to order! We recommend a standard set of specifications (listed below) that will accommodate most users (customization available).

Bantam Scull Features

  • The Bantam Blade is a cost effective injection-molded design that maintains the same weight and balance as an Ultralight racing scull.
    • Comparable width to our Smoothie2 and Fat2 carbon blades. By maintaining this width, the blade is stable in the water and remains efficient.
    • 10 cm shorter than Smoothie2 and Fat2 blades.
    • Reduced surface area results in a nimble, easy-to-handle blade with the same weight as a Smoothie2 carbon blade.
    • Injection molded polypropylene is less stiff than carbon fiber composites, but is durable and inexpensive to replace.
    • White factory finish. 52 solid paint color choices available for an additional charge.
  • The suggested oar length of 281–286 cm is well-suited to a large variety of users and represents the blade’s balanced loading profile, which falls between a Fat2 and Smoothie2 Plain Edge blade. See the following comparison.
    Blade Recommended Length
    Smoothie2 Plain Edge 284–289
    Bantam 281–286
    Fat2 278–283
  • Bantam Sculls come standard with a medium stiffness Ultralight carbon fiber shaft, a 5 cm adjustable thermoplastic handle, and a medium green rubber grip. Customization is available; please contact Concept2 for more information.


Why did Concept2 develop the Bantam Scull?
The rise in popularity of youth and recreational rowing has led to the growth of many small community rowing centers both in the United States and abroad. Often these programs struggle to provide members with quality equipment that can withstand the rigors of a club environment. We saw the need for a lower-cost sculling oar that rows well and maintains Concept2’s reputation for durability and support.
Who can benefit from the Bantam Scull?
The Bantam Scull’s durability will benefit anyone, but high-use programs and recreational scullers may particularly appreciate the Bantam blade. Customer feedback thus far overwhelmingly points to the stability of the oar on the drive and the confidence this instills. Easy catches and clean finishes have also been highlighted as significant attributes. It all adds up to an oar that is easy to row regardless of your rowing experience.
Are Bantam Sculls faster or slower than Ultralight and Skinny Sculls?
Limited speed testing to date indicates comparable speeds to the Fat2 and Smoothie2 blades, but more testing is required both in and out-of-house to validate these results. In the meantime, the many positive attributes of Bantam Sculls: stability, durability, clean entry and exit will serve the racer and recreational athlete equally well.
What are the specs for the Bantam Scull?
The Bantam Scull features our Bantam blade on a medium stiffness Ultralight carbon fiber shaft with an adjustable length range of 281–286 cm. The 5 cm adjustable thermoplastic handle includes a medium green rubber grip. Inboard (79–91 cm) and pitch (0 degrees) are standard values. Customization is available; please contact Concept2 for details.
What is the weight of the Bantam Scull?
The oar weight is approximately 1375 g, the same as our Ultralight racing sculls. Balance point and weight in the hands are also equal.
Can the Bantam blade be retrofit onto existing sculls?
Yes, the Bantam blade can be retrofit onto any existing Concept2 scull. Is it critical to remember that the Bantam is 10 cm shorter than a standard Smoothie2 blade. For instance, if Bantam blades are installed on an existing set of Ultralight sculls with a Smoothie2 blade that were originally made to be 284–289 cm long, the new length of those sculls will be 274–279 cm. In most cases that will be too short for practical use.

On the other hand, Bantam blades are an ideal retrofit choice for sculls with traditional Macon blades that are typically rowed at lengths between 290–295 cm. In that case, replacing a Macon blade with a Bantam blade will result in a vastly superior rowing experience and an appropriate loading profile.

Can I paint my Bantam blades?
Yes, Bantam blades can be painted much like our standard Ultralight carbon fiber blades. The polypropylene blade material requires a particular primer for best adhesion, but is readily available for purchase at local automotive supply stores. Visit our Blade Painting page for more information and instructions.

As an alternative, Concept2 offers a solid-color paint finish for an additional $20 per blade. 52 solid colors are available. Visit our Color Options page for more information.

If your blade design involves vinyl decals, please note that most decals do not adhere well directly to the white plastic blade. In that case, a solid white coat of primer and paint will provide a superior surface for decals. Please contact Concept2 for more information on decal and design options.