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ErgRace Online

Concept2's ErgRace Online allows people anywhere in the world to take part in an online race.

For a race organizer, all that is needed is a computer or tablet to run the race from the race organizer website.

Competitors need the ErgRace Online app, a RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg with a PM5 and the code for the competition provided by the organizer. ErgRace Online does not support racing with PM3 or PM4s.


  • Free for anyone to use
  • Anyone with a PM5 can race from anywhere in the world
  • Works for RowErg, SkiErg and BikeErg
  • Supports public and private competitions. Public competitions show up in the app for anyone to join.
  • Individual or team races
  • Races can be for time, distance or Calories
  • Link to live race display for competitors and spectators
  • Results available online
  • Individual results are sent to each user’s Concept2 Logbook account

Support for Organizers

Competitions are run on the race organizer website at

See the Organizers page for help on setting up and running a competition.

At the moment, we recommend having no more than 25 competitors in any single race. If you have more than that in a category, we suggest running multiple heats.

Support for Competitors

Athletes need a PM5 running the latest firmware and our ErgRace Online app. Each person taking part will also need a Concept2 Logbook account.

See our Competitors page for information on how to take part in a race.

Feature Roadmap

ErgRace Online is still under active development. Please send any feedback to

ErgRace Online is based on the ErgRace software for use in venues. In the future, we hope to allow for a wider variety of workouts to be run on ErgRace Online, including interval workouts and mixed erg Ergathlons. We also plan to support the ability to run private events, for situations where organisers do not want their results to be published online or spectators to view races.

It is not currently possible to include athletes in results who are not able to use ErgRace Online. However, it is possible to export your results so they can be compiled and published on your own site.