Rowing Machines for Home Gyms, Rowing Clubs and Commercial Use

Which RowErg Is Best For Me?

If you're not sure which Concept2 RowErg is best for you, have a look at the usage scenarios below. Whichever RowErg you choose, you’ll get a great workout!

Concept2 RowErgs side-by-side

Home User

  • RowErg

    RowErg with Standard Legs

    The RowErg with the standard 14" seat height is our best-selling machine. This is our most affordable option and provides everything you need for a great workout. The RowErg is most familiar to on-water athletes who are looking for the same workout as in most boathouses. This is the standard for indoor rowing competitions or submitting scores for recruiting.

  • RowErg with 20 inch seat height

    RowErg with Tall Legs

    The RowErg with the elevated 20" seat height is a good choice if you would like a machine with a higher seat height, or if you prefer the appearance of the machine higher off the ground.

    The increased seat height also makes it easier to get on and off the machine, especially if you have limited mobility or flexibility with your knees or hips.

  • Dynamic

    Dynamic RowErg

    The Dynamic is a specialized tool used by on-water athletes looking to improve their speed on the water. If you are accustomed to a static RowErg, you will notice several differences when you switch to the Dynamic. Most noticeably, the seat is essentially stationary and your feet do the sliding, making the physics and feel of rowing on the Dynamic much more like a lightweight boat. If you are training to row or race on the water, consider the Dynamic.

RowErg separated into two

Although the RowErg has a larger footprint than the Dynamic (96 in/244 cm versus 76 in/193 cm), it separates in the middle for storage, which the Dynamic does not. This is important to consider if you want to store the machine between workouts.

Rowing Clubs or Teams


The RowErg is well-suited for rowing clubs and teams, which typically have a number already for training and testing. The lower price also makes it possible to purchase more machines for your budget. Slides can be added for team training.


The Dynamic is designed to be more similar to rowing on the water and promotes good rowing habits. Two or more Dynamics can easily be linked together for training timing of movements within a team boat.

High-Use or
Commercial Facility

RowErg in gym

RowErg with Tall Legs

Fitness facilities and other high-use, multiple-user environments often prefer the RowErg with the elevated seat height. The additional seat height makes for improved accessibility, as well as giving it visibility and presence in a club setting.

Physical Education
or School Programs

RowErg with Standard Legs

Many schools opt for the affordability of the RowErg with standard legs so that there is a sufficient student-to-machine ratio.