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Online Logbook and Ranking

One of the biggest strengths of the Performance Monitor is that it provides you with detailed and reliable information about each and every piece you do on your machine. This means that, as well as being able to track your own workouts, you can also see how you compare to other people, even those on the other side of the world!

The Concept2 Online Logbook is a free web-based application that allows you to record your workouts and keep track of your total meters. You can enter “on snow” and “on water” workouts as well, giving you a full record of each season and helping you analyze your progress. You can also use the logbook to check your progress in our Distance Award Clubs and take part in the various challenges we offer throughout the year. Setting up a Logbook is a simple two-minute process, and can be done at

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The other big feature of the Logbook is the ability for people to submit their best pieces to the Online Ranking. You can choose how you want to filter the ranking, so that you can see how people compare by gender, age, country, or even in a particular city or state. You can see what pieces people have ranked already by going to

Online Logbook screen
Sample of the Concept2 Online Logbook