General Care and Maintenance - Rowing Oars | Concept2

General Care and Maintenance

We recommend following the general care and maintenance tips outlined below to keep your oars in prime condition:

  • Routinely clean the grips and inspect the blades, shafts, sleeves and collars for any damage or wear.
  • If you row in salt water, rinse your oars with fresh water after every use, paying special attention to the sleeves, collars and oarlocks.
  • Do not use your oar blades to push off from the dock, which can cause splinters and other damage. Even blades with the Vortex Edge are susceptible to damage over time when used in this way.
  • Approach the dock with the blade tips up to avoid splintering and damage due to loose nails or rough wooden surfaces. Keep the blade face up on the dock to avoid wearing the tips.
  • It is not advisable to row at full power if everyone in the boat is not rowing. This may load the oars beyond their design strength.
  • If your oars are involved in a collision, inspect them carefully for signs of damage before continuing to row with them.
  • If your oars have the Vortex Edge, do not paint the plastic Vortex Edge piece. It is ok to paint the rest of the blade.
  • DANGER! Electrical Conductivity: Carbon fiber is electrically conductive; keep oars away from power lines.

Keep oars away from power lines